1. Whether besides me, other people a can drive car rented on my name?
Yes. In this case it is necessary to attach the necessary documents when making the contract.

2. What if I have a problem with the car?
Need to contact emergency services Alanis Ltd. who is willing to provide full support at all times. All the details will get you when renting a car.

3. What documents do I need to provide when renting?
You have to show for inspection a valid driver's license issued in your name in the state where you live, a valid credit card and personal identification document (identity card or passport).

4. Are there limits to age?
Yes. You may be younger than 21 years, and you must have at least 2 years driver's license.

5. What is a Rental Agreement?
Rental Agreement is a formal agreement signed by Alanis Ltd. and vehicle users. Alanis Ltd. give to the use of a vehicle under the conditions specified in this Agreement.

6. Do I need to check the condition of the vehicle before the lease?
Yes. It is necessary to check the overall condition of the vehicle were recorded on a separate part of the contract provided for such purposes, and if the irregularity which has not previously marked, please sign the same provider and Rabbit.




1. Are there limits to mileage?
No. There is no limits to milege.

2. Can I drive cross country?
Driving outside BiH is permitted only with explicit consent Alanis Ltd.

3. What happens if a mechanical breakdown or traffic accident?
Alanis service provides support at any time. The telephone numbers are listed when renting a car. During the term of the lease in case of accident or breakdown please contact hotline Alanis Ltd. Do not forget to call the police in case of traffic accidents call phone number 122.




1. What if I return the car late?
Tolerate delays up to one hour. For longer delays, additional costs are charged at the prevailing price list Alanis Ltd.

2. Do I need to restore a full tank of fuel?
Yes. If you are not able to do the killing filling the tank will be calculated at the prevailing cost of filling by Alanis Ltd.

3. Can I extend the rental vehicle?
Extension of rental vehicles is possible at the time of delivery of the vehicle or for the duration of the lease agreement with the employee Alanis Ltd.

4. Do I need to check the condition before returning the vehicle?
Yes. Vehicle inspections will be carried out jointly with the employee Alanis Ltd, and apply the newly observed damage.